Gluten Free Garage Bread and Baking Company
Contact: Patrick and Michelle Mitcheff
Address: 110 Hoffman Drive Tallahassee, FL, 32312
Email Address:
Phone: 307-250-4434
About Us
We are a dedicated Gluten Free Bread and Baking Company located in Havana, FL. After being diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago and trying almost every frozen gluten free bread available, we set out on a quest to bake the best gluten free bread in the country. We believe we have succeeded! After successfully mastering gluten free bread, our product line evolved to baked goods. We now have multiple gluten free products; bread, pound cakes, brownies, etc. We also received a request to bake vegan bread and out of that our tomato basil vegan bread was born and it's outstanding. Our desire now is that the gluten free/celiac community would enjoy our bread and baked goods. We hope even if you are not gluten free/celiac that you will enjoy our exceptional products.
We grind our own flour and mix it with other certified gluten free organic flours. We use high quality ingredients to produce the best gluten free bread and baked goods. No wheat is allowed in our kitchen so cross-contamination is not possible. We bake fresh every morning so that the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas will have fresh, never frozen gluten free products.