Summit Garden Farm
Contact: Kathryn Hughes
Address: 804 Frank Smith Rd Quincy, FL, 32352
Email Address:
Phone: 850-662-9018
About Us
Katie Hughes became the new owner of Summit Garden Farm in June 2017. This farm, formally well known as Blue Ridge Hydroponics for those longtime buyers from the RHO Market, is located just northwest of Havana. Our goal is to continue growing farm-fresh salad greens (assorted lettuce and accents) in our hydroponic greenhouse and providing them to local restaurants and farmers' market patrons. During the fall months we will also have fresh-picked Mission olives, chestnuts, lemons, and Fuyu persimmons from our nut and fruit orchard.
No herbicides or pesticides are used in the greenhouse environment. We use O.M.R.I certified "OceanSolution" that gives the full mineral spectrum to our plants.