Shady Rest Farm
Contact: Barbara Dombrowski
Address: 1407 Shady Rest Road Havana, FL, 32333
Email Address:
Phone: 850-933-8688
About Us
I am a small farm located in Gadsden County. I am producing quality dehydrated 100% Angus Beef Liver treats that are great for dogs and cats. All of my liver comes from a local USDA farm. I also have a small garden area that I am expanding to sell wonderful, fresh vegetables and plants. I also raise laying chickens and am expanding my flock to sell eggs on the market as well.
All of the beef for my pet treats come from a local farm that practices natural and environmentally sustainable stewardship of the land. No antibiotics are ever given and their animals are always on pasture. My treats are dehydrated and hand made in small batches. Can be used as training treats or just because you love them. Remember: Moderation is good so not too many each day, especially if your pet is not use to the richness of liver.
My vegetables are grown using no till and organic methods and composts. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. My chickens are all fed organic grains.