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K & R Hidden Farms, LLC
Contact: Katherine & Rodney Quick
Address: 661 Robinson Farms Rd Tallahassee, FL, 32317
About Us
Hello! We are Rodney and Katherine and we are your farmers. We decided to get into farming after we were sick of buying veggies with no flavor. Rodney grew up eating fresh vegetables grown by his father and wanted to continue the legacy. We grow a plethora of different veggies at our farm and specialize in watermelons. We are particularly proud of our red, yellow and orange meat variety of watermelons. We have 16 acres of land and dedicate 5 of that to our farm. We enjoy living off the land as much as possible and finding new ways to grow our produce and get it to the people who really enjoy it. We are proud of our produce and stand behind it.
Our goal is to provide farm fresh produce for everyone that is grown with love. We do everything to be a natural farm and we pride ourselves on how our product tastes. We make sure to practice safe farming that is both good for us, the environment, and our bees.