Just in Season Farm
Contact: John and Pam Stanford
Address: P.O Box 553 Monticello, FL, 32345
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Phone: 850-997-7333
About Us
Just in Season Farm is nestled among 10 acres of large pecan trees on the north side of Monticello. 5000 sf is cultivated under a climate controlled high tunnel, allowing crops to survive 15 degree temperatures this winter. Another 10,000 sf is cultivated outdoors. Drip irrigation waters all the crops, thus saving a significant amount of water. My expertise comes from growing over 35 years in raised beds near the beach in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, where I supplied my fellow teachers with marvelous vegetable packs during the winter season. My wife Pam cultivates Neem trees, the highly beneficial "tree of life", and from this tree formulates many natural health care products. Visit ""

My crops are synthetic chemical free. No harsh pesticides. I compost most organic materials from my farm enriching and conditioning the soil with this brown gold. My vegetables are watered at the roots with drip irrigation. Neem oil and BT are used to control pests and I try to grow most of my crops outside of the normal reproduction cycle of bugs (November-March). Our growing practices allow us to have fresh vegetables at the market in January, February, and March! I do use some commercially produced fertilizer to supplement the neem cake, lime, potash, compost, and composted manure added to the ground 3 months before planting. Our well water has been tested by a certified lab and is free of contaminants. It rates a 9.5 on a 10 scale. You can be assured that my vegetables thrive on only the purest water. You are what you drink. Like all the produce offered on the Red Hills Small Farms website, you can be assured that Just in Season Farm only delivers to you the freshest, tastiest, and most natural produce available. Here's to your healthy eating, Dr. John.