The Sandy Ridge Farm
Address: 15675 NW State Road 20 Bristol, FL, 32321
Email Address:
Phone: 954-381-6695
Our laying hens are free ranged in a Tifton 9 Bahia pasture. We are constantly improving our soil both in the garden and pasture by using our compost, mulches, and cover crops. We also add ash to the soil from the burning of land that we have cleared. Our soil is tested annually by The Florida Extension office so we can see how we are doing.

Besides the natural bugs, worms, and grasses that our hens eat, they are given food that consists of Black Sunflower seeds, rolled oats, and cracked corn mixed.
We are committed to the most humane treatment of all of our farm animals. We keep our herd small so that we are able to show them the care and daily attention they deserve. We spend time daily in the pasture, sitting with the goats and chickens.