Rocky Soil Family Farm, LLC
Contact: Kiona & Chris Wagner
Address: 3137 Waukeenah Hwy Monticello, FL, 32344
Email Address:
Phone: 850-816-0254
About Us
Kiona and Chris Wagner are first generation farmers and launched Rocky Soil Family Farm in Monticello, Florida after relocating with their son from Miami, Florida in June of 2019. Chris is a Global Master Chef from Germany and after cooking professionally for many years, he then focused on directing one of the country's largest culinary schools at a university in Miami. Kiona's background is in event production and will begin planning farm-to-table dinners in 2021.Wanting to raise their family in a quaint lifestyle, Kiona and Chris purchased just under 13 acres of raw land (no address, power or water) and spent their first season on the farm building up the basic necessities to operate and amend the soil-- Oh yes, and became pregnant with twin girls! The vegetables and herbs are grown on about 5 acres while beneath beautiful aged oak trees, a 560 sqft bakery is being constructed and will be producing traditional sourdough breads and sweet rolls beginning summer 2021. Partnering with a local bee keeper, the farm is home to ten hives and millions of bees to help with pollination. Drip irrigation is the primary source of watering from their well and aged crops are used to feed their compost and 60 free ranching chickens in an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle everything grown.
Though the farm is not certified organic or natural, Rocky Soil Family Farm specializes in seasonal vegetables and herbs while using natural and organic growing practices. One small tractor and traditional farm tools are used to produce healthy crops. We like to say that we treat pests and threats to our crops with "Neem Oil and a prayer"!