Longleaf Pasture Farm
Contact: Chris & Deanna Mericle
Address: 5450 SW 69th Drive Jasper, FL, 32052-5324
Phone: 386-855-5096
About Us
We are Chris and Deanna Mericle. We have always loved animals and the outdoors. Longleaf Pasture Farm is an 80-acre farm in North Florida. It started out as a longleaf pine plantation, and as the trees were thinned, we added cattle using the silvopasture technique. We started with a few cattle and a small garden. Gradually we expanded to include pigs, chickens and a much larger garden. We use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides. We believe organically grown local food is more nutritious and tastes better!
Our cattle are 100% grass-fed. Our hogs are forest-raised. Our chickens have a mobile coop for nighttime and are on pasture during daylight. The feed we provide is non-GMO with no hormones or antibiotics. We practice rotational grazing methods with all the animals, they are regularly moved to fresh ground. This helps to fertilize and revitalize the land. Our vegetables are grown organically and fertilized with compost we make.

One important aspect of our philosophy is leaving space for nature. Over half of our acreage is kept as a wildlife habitat. This allows a natural environment for many species, including gopher tortoises, Sherman’s fox squirrels, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and others. The incorporation of conservation as a farm management method also allows for important aquifer recharge and carbon capture. Plus, we get lots of fresh air!

We believe that placing the highest priority on our animals’ well-being and raising them in the most natural environment possible produces the highest quality, nutrient-dense food with the least impact on the environment. Try our products and taste the quality! Fresh and flavorful!