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Hurricane Creek Farms
Contact: Lorri Kelly
Address: 906 Doerun Road Havana, FL, 32333
Phone: 850-841-9298
About Us
Hurricane Creek Farm is located in Havana Florida.
I have had horses,cows, chickens ect. for 20 plus years.
I started raising American Guinea Hogs, after I was given a trio for a Birthday gift in the Summer of 2013.
My plan was to raise Healthy, Hormone/AntibioticFree meat for my family.
This soon changed to helping friends achieve the same goal.
American Guinea Hogs are a Heritage Breed ( considered threatened - Livestock Conversancy)
The size of the AGH makes it a perfect “Homestead” pig. (150-300lbs is average)
I acquired a boar with some size.
I started breeding with a goal in mind to be able to serve a Healthy locally grown pig.
I am providing a product that was raised the way pigs were meant to be raised.
In Open areas, family settings, wallowing in the pond, The boar will watch the piglets while the sow goes for a swim or goes to munch on some hay.
I enjoy watching the piglets play like puppies.
Piglets from different sows live together, play together, the sows co-nurse. (Piglets are weaned in big groups- less stress on smaller litters)
Then are sold as breeders or grown out as feeders with the Family.
My pigs are Happy,Healthy, their meat is free of Antibiotics/Hormones.
I believe in animals living a stress free life to the very end.
I will be providing pork chops, pan sausage (mild), ground pork,lard, liver, heart,trotters,pork skin for frying, pig ears, tail- great dog treat, neck bones, whole head- great for Brunswick stew.
Thank You,
Lorri Kelly
Hurricane Creek Farms
Havana, Fl.
I raise my American Guinea Hogs the way pigs were intended.
In the woods, natural settings, never in confinement cages.
I feed spent beer malt from a local brewery, local hay, vegetables from local farmers/farm share, soaked grains.