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Florida Georgia Citrus
Contact: Angela & Kim Jones
Address: 5314 Boston Highway Monticello, FL, 32344
Phone: 229-516-0093
About Us
We are a small family farm growing cold hardy citrus, perennial peanuts, and timber. Our mature citrus trees are satsuma mandarin oranges. We not only grow the satsumas, but we process the fresh fruit in season (November and December) and we juice the portion that does not sell. The juice is immediately "high pressure processed" to insure the freshness and safety, then fast frozen. We call the juice "liquid fruit" since it consists exactly of what is inside the orange, nothing more or nothing less. This allows you to receive the many health benefits offered and enjoy the sweet, crisp flavor of the satsumas oranges all year long.
Our farm embraces conservation practices in every phase of the operation. We no-till our cover crops and feed plots to prevent erosion. We use microjet irrigation along with soil moisture meters and a weather station to enable us to irrigate and fertigate at just the right times, when and only when the plant needs it. Our soil and leaf testing, along with the microjets at the base of each tree, allow us to inject only what is needed and prevents any runoff or leaching that occurs when over-watering or watering too fast. We scout our fields and only apply control measures when absolutely necessary to protect the crops. A legume crop is planted in the middles of the citrus to provide plant produced nitrogen.