Happy Flowers Farm and Nursery
Address: 4462 Luminous lane Tallahassee, FL, 32311
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Phone: 850-212-0273
About Us
Happy Flowers Farm and Nursery is a dream come to reality for farmer, Amy Von Chamier, her Husband, Ahs, and two boys. As many years as part-time homesteaders, with a big garden, bees and chickens. Amy is home on the farm with baby Felix full time and able to concentrate on starting interesting herbs, flowers, unusual squash and heirloom vegetables from seed. Using the principles of organic gardening and regenerative soil practices. Amy is growing plants for the love of nature, to share with you.
Happy Flowers Farm uses organic soil amendments and fertilizers, usually espoma brand, and Alaska fish emulsion. The primary soil builders are kitchen compost, worm castings from the worm bin, wood mulch from the utility company, and horse/ chicken compost from the neighbor. When we have chickens, we recycle their waste int he garden, as they are primarily free ranging. We practice IPM, and almost never resort to using pesticide.