The Good Ground Farm
Address: 399 E Osprey Ln Monticello, FL, 32344
Phone: 239-822-1748
About Us
The Good Ground Farm is located near Lloyd in Jefferson County. We are a family-run, compost-based farm that desires to serve our community with healthy food. We have 5 acres with a 1/4 acre in cultivation. We are working towards establishing a diverse agroforestry system including vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, and poultry.
We believe carbon is the lifeblood of soil fertility, and we add it through compost, cover crops, and aged manure. We also manage mineral nutrition with natural rock powders. We are a human-scale farm mainly using hand tools and a two-wheel tractor for fieldwork. We believe in minimizing tillage as much as possible to promote soil health. We use cultivation, mulches, landscape fabric, flame weeding, and tarps for weed control and will never use any herbicides. We use cultural management practices to prevent or reduce pests and disease, such as crop rotation, insect netting, protected cultural and variety selection. As a last resort, we may use an organically certified product to ameliorate a problem, but never frivolously and will always learn from our mistakes.