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Frenchtown Bee Farm & Debbie's Grand'ola
Contact: Debbie Campbell & Rick Flagg
Address: 814 Old Bainbridge Road Tallahassee, FL, 32303
Phone: 850-631-9723
About Us
We are located on the corner of Old Bainbridge Rd.and Dent Street. Our apiary has an average of 10 hives. Everything growing on our property can be eaten or utilized by the bees.
We both keep bees, and Debbie makes Grand'ola We use companion planting, amending the soil, picking off the bugs by hand, various gardens and fruit trees throughout the almost one acre right in the middle of Frenchtown.
We're learning as we are growing and it's a great journey!

We also propagate and grow from seed pollinator plants, flowers, herbs. We occasionally grow vegetables plants as well.
Seasonal produce, perennials, medicinal plants, a growing variety of herbs, permaculture type plants, fruit trees and pecan trees.

Thank you so much for your support.
No chemical herbicides or pesticides are used.
We use companion planting whenever possible to eliminate problems with bugs. Improving soil results in nutritious and healthy plants. Beneficial insects are used when needed. We have also used peppermint oil soap based spray when needed.