Jubilee Orchards, LLC
Contact: Lawton and Kitty Chiles
Address: 12008 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, Fl, 32309
Email Address:
Phone: 850-251-2263
About Us
Jubilee is a special place, as at home in the 19th century as in the 21st. In fact, Jubilee was named and owned by Florida’s own Walkin’ Lawton Chiles, three-term U.S. Senator and two-term Governor. His family carries on the wonderful heritage he left us with his 19th-century homestead…and the memories of the wonderful times we walked these woods and fields with him.
Now, Jubilee Orchards has built on these marvelous traditions- The love of land,deep concern for the natural environment, healthy premier quality food, fellowship, and country wisdom he so cherished. We wish my Dad and Mom could see Jubilee today, with thousands of adults and kids enjoying picking our fabulous organic blueberies and enjoying our live-oak, long leaf pine forests and fields. From the moment our customers turn into our 210 acre plantation, they feel their stress level vanish as the orchards and lands calm everyday anxious lives. Kids of all ages love sampling 'The Best Blueberries in the South' as they pick their way through our orchard rows. Often there is music on the porch of our 200 year-old log cabin, often pony rides for kids, often hay rides, often great food, always a great family experience!
Our U-Pick season starts in April and runs daily through early June. You can rent our historic cabin for overnight stays and enjoy hiking or biking through the woods trails or a visit to nearby Thomasville.

Jubilee Orchards is much more than just a great place to pick blueberries.We are one of only a very few fully certified organic blueberry orchards in the region. Jubilee Orchards is a laboratory for best soil and eco-agriculture practices. We have no synthetic weed killers,or pesticides or plastics- we grow the best fruit because we use only OMNI- approved organic substances. We focus on saving precious water, on enriching our soil to capture carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere, on providing a safe habitat for bees and wildlife. The public sees an inspiring example of how growing great food can enhance not detract from our local environment .We are proud to be a Best Management Practice Farm designated by the Fla Dept of Agriculture, and also designated a CARES FARM, by the Fla Farm Bureau for outstanding environmental stewardship.