Grateful Hill Farm
Contact: Nick and Allison
Address: 9283 Tallokas Rd. Pavo, GA, 31778
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Phone: 229-224-7385
About Us
We are the Murrays. Nick is the former CFO of an insurance company, but he’s always been a farmer at heart. Allison has a background in writing and lactation counseling, which comes in handy when blogging and milking goats. We had the American Dream, but our souls were not settled. It was only when our focus shifted to family, nature, and sustainable living that Grateful Hill Farm came to be. After a crash course in farming, animal husbandry, and dairy science, we discovered our passion for traditional cheesemaking. Our mission is to create handcrafted, high-quality cheese that reflects the terroir of our Southern culture and land.
At Grateful Hill Farm, cheesemaking is an art. We lovingly craft each cheese by hand, ensuring the best quality every time, and we use the same methods that were used by European cheesemakers hundreds of years ago. This means our cultures are created from milk right here on our farm, so we know exactly where every ingredient comes from. Our rennet is natural, not genetically modified or synthetic. The milk we use is always fresh, and it reflects the quality and care of our goats as well as the land upon which they graze.

Our goats freely browse all year under a pine forest canopy rich with vegetation (blackberries are a favorite), allowing the flavor of our lush Southern farmland to shine through in our cheese. We are committed to the most humane treatment for our animals, providing plenty of shelter, a wide variety of nutrition, and supplemental organic grain. Our mission is to keep our farming practices small to ensure that our herd receives loving care and space to graze openly. With an organic mindset, we work with our natural environment to farm sustainably, socially responsibly, and environmentally-friendly.