Promised Land Homestead
Address: 703 SE Tuten Way Lee, FL, 32059
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Phone: 850-445-0096
About Us
We practice sustainable farming and homesteading as a way of life. What we grow we feed our animals, and our animals are our source of meat. We utilize the free fertilizer that the animals provide us to feed our crops. It’s truly an amazing full circle of provision and sustainability - our Promised Land Homestead.

Our crops are seasonal and we only grow what is suited for our climate and conditions so there’s no need to “control” the outcome. We NEVER spray or apply pesticides and we fertilize by only natural methods. We have been successful in growing a variety of vegetables throughout the year that changes with the season.

The poultry and livestock NEVER receive antibiotics. We supplement with only Non GMO feed, no soy, no corn. The sheep, lambs, and meat chickens are all pasture raised. The rabbits are fed the vegetables we grow and supplemented with Non GMO feed. The layer chickens are free range and produce beautiful eggs with rich dark yolks.
Promised Land Homestead utilizes the Back to Eden Gardening method - no tilling, no plowing, no herbicides or pesticides. We trust the natural behaviors of the animals in open pasture or wooded forest for production and raising their young for optimal animal welfare.