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Legacy Greens, Corp
Contact: Daniel & Jordan Miranda
Address: 1872 Mill St Unit D8 Tallahassee, FL, 32310
Phone: 305-450-6317
About Us
Legacy Greens specializes in producing high quality, fresh, and nutritious microgreens. Our microgreens are grown in our climate-controlled indoor vertical farm eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilizers. We grow our microgreens using only organic soil, seeds, water, and a whole lot of love! The variety of microgreens we produce add tremendous nutritional value, offer unique flavors, and exciting textures to any dish in your diet.

Our mission is to adapt from conventional agricultural methods to a system that is sustainable, local, and economically viable. By implementing indoor vertical farming and hydroponic techniques, we aim to reduce water consumption, maximize yields, and provide highly nutritious produce to the community 365 days a year.
Our microgreens are grown in our indoor vertical farm using only soil, seeds, water, and lots of love!

- We use ProMix Organik for our growing medium, OMRI Certified
- Microgreens are harvested fresh each week