Legacy Greens LLC
Contact: Daniel, Julian, & Jordan Miranda
Address: 2212 Yaupon Drive Tallahassee, FL, 32303
Email Address:
Phone: 305-450-6317
About Us
Originally from Miami, Fl, Jordan, and Julian are Florida State University alumni who have grown to love the Tallahassee community. Their passion for farming and healthy alternatives to traditional medicine stems from 10 years of combined experience in the medical marijuana industry here in Florida. The brainchild behind Legacy Greens is Jordan; his dream is to develop the microgreens business into a large scale vertical farm to provide fresh, nutritious, and sustainable produce to the community.
Our microgreens are grown in our indoor vertical farm using only soil, seeds, water, and lots of love!

- Seeds are sourced from True Leaf Market based out of Salt Lake City, Utah
- We use ProMix Organik for our growing medium, OMRI Certified
- Microgreens are harvested fresh each week