Longview Farms
Contact: Betsey & Tony Brown
Address: 1532 Concord Rd Havana, FL, 32333
Email Address:
Phone: 850-545-5515
About Us
Longview Farms is a family farm located in Havana, FL. We raise grassfed and finished Devon beef cattle and Freedom Ranger pastured chickens. All our animals are raised humanely on “salad bar” pastures amended only with compost and cover crops. We also bake and sell artisan sourdough bread made from all organic, freshly milled flours. We are happy to give any of our customers a tour of the farm to see our natural practices and to meet our happy animals. Just give us a call.
Our Devon grass fed cattle are raised exclusively on our pastures that are only amended with compost and cover crops. Our Freedom Ranger broiler chickens forage on our pasture and are fed non-gmo, antibiotic free feed.