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Sunlight Organic Orchard
Contact: Schell Family
Address: 324 Watson Rd Quincy, FL, 32351
Phone: 850-875-2377
About Us
Sunlight Organic Orchard is a family owned berry farm, fruit orchard, vineyard, and pecan grove established in 1999. We are organic fruit and nut specialists. Our pear, grape and berry varieties were selected by the owner, a former FAMU Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit researcher, well before being planted. He prefers these particular varieties of fruit for their size, sweetness, thin skins (grapes), and lack of grit (pears)! All fruit varieties were purposefully planted for their flavorful FRESH EATING qualities! Our pecan varieties were selected for their superior disease and pest resistance without chemicals. We use mowing and line trimming for weed control and aged compost as fertilizer around plants.

Our fruit and nuts ripen in the sunlight and are perfect for your grazing, canning, baking or wine-making needs. We sell the best of our locally grown fresh fruit at farmer's markets in the Tallahassee area. Typically, we take mulberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears, plums, peaches, fancy figs and bronze muscadine grapes (a.k.a. scuppernongs) to market during the summer months. Many purple muscadine grape varieties in Florida vineyards and farms were bred for and are typically reserved for wine and juice making, with the exception of Supreme. We planted several of these wonderful grapevines for their "supreme" tasting fresh-eating purple fruit! We are also experimentally growing other kinds of exotic fruit and citrus which may be available in the future.

We are committed to solar energy production for our small farming operation. Pictured to the left behind the vineyard, our 10 kWh pole barn solar array powers a deep water well and drip irrigation, electric fences, golf cart, cold storage, barns, and a farm office.

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- For Lloyd Schell's early career researching muscadine grapes see 2:29 - 2:40 minutes of Florida Viticulture Video [ video 24.8 MB ] at
Naturally grown without use of man-made chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. Carefully researched and chosen varieties of big sweet berries, grapes and fruit especially bred for fresh eating! Fruit and nuts ripen in the sunlight and are hand-picked and hand-sorted by the owners. Quality is our highest priority.