Pine Dove Farm
Contact: Jonathan Tilley
Address: 5256 Wild Goose Road Tallahassee, FL, 32311
Email Address:
Phone: 727-277-4230
About Us
Pine Dove Farm is part of what will be a residential, farm-to-table community. Located on Tallahassee's eastern urban fringe, we are striving to feed our neighbors in the community as well as those around Tallahassee in support of the local food movement. Using low-till, conservation-based practices, we provide fresh, quality, certified natural produce and eggs for direct sale, through farmers markets, and restaurants. We are also working towards on-site self-sufficiency by installing wind-power and solar-power devices, habitat restoration projects, perennial edible gardens and forests, and ultimately creating a healthy, farm-to-table community. In the near future, we would like to establish a small farmstand in the Pine Dove community as well as a CSA for people in the eastern Tallahassee area.
Low-till, green manures, cover crops, crop rotations, biointensive, conservation agriculture, habitat restoration, on-site composting, organic fertilizers, mulching, sheet mulching, perennial crops, perennial gardens