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Lucky Dog Farm
Contact: Scott and Lisa McAnally
Address: 8839 Centerville Road Tallahassee, FL, 32309
Phone: 850-668-7372
About Us
Lucky Dog Farm is located in Northeast Tallahassee. Our gardens and trees are planted on a couple of acres at our homestead. We grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, berries and some tree fruits. Our greenhouse contains newly seeded organic plants as well as some vegetables that need cover. Next year we are hoping to add a few grape vines and mushroom logs. Living in the County, we are fortunate to have a deep well to supply water for growing. Large, old trees on the property give us the opportunity to grow a variety of plants even in the heat of summer. We are excited about sharing healthy foods with our community.
We believe everyone should eat clean, healthy food. We grow using organic and natural methods. Our crops are grown using composting and natural mulch. We practice crop rotation for healthy soil and never use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.