Fox Family Farm
Contact: Andrew Fox
Address: 3117 Aycock Rd Cottondale, FL, 32431
Email Address:
Phone: 850-532-5986
About Us
We are a very small farm operation located in Cottondale, Florida, specializing in vegetables and cut flowers since 2005. We believe in natural methods of cultivation and soil improvement. We grew Certified Organic for many years before discontinuing and taking a long break following extensive damage to our high tunnels from Hurricane Michael. We have not changed our growing methods during the interim and may return to participation with the National Organic Program if our production ramps up, but for now we are starting back very small and slowly, and currently describe our methods only as "natural."
We grow our vegetables and flowers in soil improved with composted plant material and rock powders (potassium) and protected during the off-season with conservation and nitrogen-producing cover crops. The only synthetic inputs are for the correction of specific micronutrient deficiencies.
As with most growers who utilize natural methods, our pest management is a complex subject and consists of several techniques. These techniques include trap cropping, companion planting, plant spacing, planting date selection, variety selection, pest exclusion, and encouragement of habitat for beneficial predators and parasites. If commercial products are applied, they are approved by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI).