Silver Oaks Farm
Contact: Bennet and Nicole Silver
Address: 3395 Seminole Ln Marianna , FL, 32448
Email Address:
Phone: 912-655-9376
About Us
Silver Oaks Farm is nestled on the south side of Silver Lake, a pristine spring-fed private lake, at the edge of the Sandhills on the south end of Jackson County. We are a small conservation homestead raising critically endangered heritage livestock. As part of The Livestock Conservancy, we strive to shed new light on these animals through education and available breeding stock. One species close to our heart is our herd of critically endangered Gulf Coast Native sheep. These sheep produce a highly sought after fiber and are part of the “Shave Em to Save Em” program that connects fiber artists with our fiber. We also raise free range heritage chickens, heritage turkeys and a sundry of other livestock that are found on traditional American homesteads. Farm visits by appointment only.
We believe healthy animals encourage healthy Pastures and people. Providing our livestock with high-quality nutrients they need, remains vital to ensure proper health, growth and breeding. We trust organic, Non-GMO feed as the best option for our animals, based on the numerous benefits they offer. We amend the “Pat Coleby” Natural goat and sheep care program to our pasture and soil testing.

One high-quality organic feed ingredient is Thorvin for Animals. Thorvin for Animals is, by far, one of the best natural sources of minerals on the market today and we are happy to be able to provide it to our flock. We also use Thorvin for Plant Foliar in our gardens among other sources such as rabbit, chicken and pig manure.

We are working on establishing a Food Forrest in accordance with the permaculture principles as defined by Bill Mollison: permanent agriculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It’s the harmonious integration of landscape and people...,,