Ten Horse Farm
Contact: W Franklin Aultman
Address: 2479 Bethel Rd Bainbridge, GA, 39817
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Phone: 229-254-0790
About Us
Ten Horse Farm was established in approximately 1912 just outside of Bainbridge, GA using some of the most progressive agricultural development and farming practices of the early 20th century. Ten Horse Farm was first in the area to plant pine tree forests and pecan orchards as crops, and among the first to install terraces in pastures to prevent erosion. It was first to grow Blue Lupine, which was used to restore overworked land and rebuild the soil. The farm supported a diversified community of people who grew and raised everything they needed. Records show the only thing they bought was salt for seasoning and curing meat. When Ten Horse Farm was established, every crop was organic because chemicals, herbicides and insecticides had not yet been invented.

In the early days, farms were not measured by how many acres they contained - but by how many horses it took to farm them. Thus the name Ten Horse Farm! It was about as large as a sustainable farm could get with the available resources used to support the working community and farm operations.
Over the course of 100+ years, Ten Horse Farm has grown row crops such as cotton, peanuts, field corn, sweet corn, soybeans, and sugar cane. Figs and timber, not to mention a multitude of garden vegetables, were grown in this part of the country. Turpentine was produced from the Slash pine forest. The farm also raised cattle, hogs and chickens. The community even produced cream and butter which was sold at the local high end hotels and restaurants.

Today, Ten Horse is being restored by the 4th generation of family owners. Not only has the founder's original planter's house and barn been restored, but the Longleaf pine timberlands and pecan orchards have been restored, and we have now restored row and specialty cropping with the production of pecans, sweet corn, field peas, butter beans and figs from the farm's 100+ year old fig tree!

It is the goal of the 5th generation owner to continue the legacy of Ten Horse Farm.