Siyo Farms
Contact: Mae Mosher and Darin Kimberl
Address: 50 Lillian Springs Rd Quincy, FL, 32351
Email Address:
Phone: 850-766-8566
About Us
Shiyo Farms is an indigenous co-owned and operated small farm located in Quincy, Florida. At Shiyo we take a sustainable and regenerative approach to market gardening. Being a no till, rain fed farm means we cooperate with nature and do not contribute to soil erosion our the disruption of nutrient cycles in our soil. We hope to not only support the earth in which we farm, but the community around us. Shiyo Farms supports Black, Indigenous, and all lives of color through a community based mindset with a focus on farming our way to food sovereignty and justice.
To all who choose to support us, we say SHIYO DETSVYADANILVGA! (Hello. Welcome!)
Food Sovereignty. Pesticide free. No till. Rain fed. Organic. Low Tech. Sustainable.