Lovett Farms
Contact: Mallie and Kathy Lovett
Address: 603 Hunters Trace Crawfordville, FL, 32327
Email Address:
Phone: 850-567-1570
About Us
Lovett Farms is a small 20 acre hobby farm located in Wakulla Station, in Wakulla Florida. We offer fresh white and brown eggs daily. We currently have 380 (approximate) egg layers on the property, Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Brown and White Leg Horns, and the Bovan Brown which lays plenty of large brown eggs. We also raise a seasonal garden and White Rock Cross meat chickens, (currently not offered through Red Hills Online Farmers Market). Kathy and I are both retired from the State of Florida with over 67 combined years of service to the great folks of Florida, I am also a retired veteran with over 38 years of military service with the Florida Army National Guard, (retired Feb 2019). My passion is working outside everyday with these gentle birds that offer me a lot of enjoyment and happiness. I also enjoy the small markets and contacts that we have made over the years which has allowed me to pass on my hard work to you the customer. Please feel free to email, text or call me anytime. 850-567-1570 or, Looking forward to being part of the team with Red Hills.
Our egg layers all enjoy the outside elements of living outside 24 hours a day and on the ground not in individual small cages or buildings. Our birds are broken up into large pens by breed, age, and gender. We currently have 380 (approximate layers) and 2 beautiful Rhode Island Red Roosters used exclusively for breeding in the spring for chicks that we hatch out each year. Our birds are fed a 15% FRM Protein pellet and scratch corn each day which has zero antibiotics, medicines, or chemicals. We do occasionally provide them with a small amount of all natural apple cider vinegar mixed in their water, this is a all natural medicine to cleanse any potential parasites. We also grow a seasonal garden and this allows the girls to get plenty of fresh greens in their diets. We take a lot of pride knowing that these girls are safe, happy, and healthy, and this is noted every time we spend time with them. We enjoy everything about this farm and do what we do because we want to and not because we have to. We hope this answers most questions about who we are and what we do. Thanks Mallie and Kathy