La Petite Ferme
Address: 87 Hidden Valley Trail Havana, FL, 32333
Phone: 850-567-4545
About Us
It all started with a little redheaded girl and a small flock of 15 backyard birds...

Our daughter was all the motivation that we needed to embark on this journey. The local farmers market became our weekly Saturday morning frequent, and we prioritized raising her (and now our three other children) in an environment where they understood the importance of the food that we eat, and the lives that those animals lived. The locally-raised food that we bought, and the people who provided it, all helped to shape so many of our current views. And as our kids grew, so did our dream of a small farm...

We have since expanded from that small backyard flock to add many laying hens, meat chickens, rabbits and more. Our farm is located in Havana, FL on 6.5 acres. Our intent is to raise quality products to share with our local community, and raise all of our animals in as natural of an environment as possible.
All of our birds are raised in our shaded woods and on pasture, rotating them seasonally. We allow them to free-range, and supplement only with NON-GMO feed. No hormones, antibiotics or pesticides are ever used on our property or animals. Our products include pasture-raised meat chickens, laying hens for eggs, turkeys (seasonally) and rabbits.