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Contact: Frank Yaun
Address: 2689 North Salt Road Monticello, FL, 32344
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Phone: 850-228-1101
About Us
We are changing our name from Farm Fresh Organics to Strawberry Moon Farms. Why? Well, my Grandfather passed on June 20, 1967, which was a Strawberry Moon, it's when Summer Solstice falls on a full moon, it's rare. There has not been another Strawberry Moon until June 20, 2016, and my Dad passed on that day. So i felt very compelled to change the name of my farm to honor my Father and Grandfather, who were both Farmers, as has every generation since the 1730's in the Southern US. I suppose farming is in my blood!

This December my daughter Kristen will be joining me, i'm so STOKED!!! Kristen just got her BS in Health Promotions and Nutrition from Appalachian State University, and currently works at Against the Grain Farm in Boone NC (awesome farm). Kristen has it in her blood as well!!

I decided to not renew my USDA organic certification, so we upgraded to Certified Naturally Grown!

We're also changing some things on the farm. I decided against using plastic mulch, and will be implementing a much more intensive use of the land, limited use of tractors (heavy in manual cultivation), and LOTS and LOTS of compost, that we made using cow manure.

The first week of October we'll be planting (been so dang hot!!) lots of multi colored carrots, lots of beets, salad mixes, arugula, spinach, kale, collards, chard, onions, broccoli, parnsnips, cabbages, bok choi, mustards, turnips, and plenty of others. Will have a LOT of delicious, yummy goodness this fall thru Spring!

You're more than welcome to come visit and see how we roll! Also offering a limited number of CSA shares, will basically get a 10% discount off normal prices, contact me for more details!

Frank and Kristen Yaun

Certified Naturally Grown