Contact: Kathy and Bryant Harvard
Address: 103 Dellwood Place Thomasville, GA, 31792
Email Address:
Phone: 229-226-1357
About Us
Our farm is located in Thomasville, GA. We raise grass fed beef cattle and grow pecans. Our cattle graze on open pasture in a stress-free environment. Rotational grazing ensures the sweetest and freshest grass at all times. No grain is given to supplement their diets. In the production of our pecans, we practice sustainable agriculture. Our aim is to promote environmental stewardship by reducing dependence on non-renewable resources, such as fuel and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Since our cattle also graze in our pecan groves, their presence enhances the quality of the soil. They move to other pastures a couple of months prior to pecan harvest.
Our cattle receive no growth hormones, and no routine use of antibiotics is practiced. No fillers, additives, or preservatives are added to our ground beef. The pecan varieties we grow, Elliott, Stuart, and Sumner, require less chemical spraying than other varieties. We only treat for pecan pests when they reach the level that threatens production of a crop.