Dreaming Cow
Contact: Janelle & Kyle Wehner
Address: 940 Magnolia Church Road PAVO, GA, 31778
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Phone: 229-200-7434
About Us
Dreaming Cow is changing the way people think about dairy by creating new, healthier and more flavorful dairy experiences.

Our family farms are home to over 2000 year-round, confinement-free grass-fed cows which supply our creamery with high quality, differentiated milk from a production system that builds measureable wellness in both the cattle and soils. Our yogurts are crafted on the farm to fulfill the ethical and nutritional needs of the mindful consumer and represents our commitment to purposeful dairy. Dreaming Cow strives to be the leader in purposeful dairy by nurturing a relationship with consumers that’s rooted in defensible, transparent agriculture and deliberate, thoughtful innovation.

Along with our classic, minimally processed and delicately flavored cream-top yogurts, enjoy our new nutrient dense grass-fed yogurt drink, LUSH, that contains a full serving of hidden vegetables and over 20 billion probiotics for wellness on the go!
We believe in unconfined, grass-fed bliss for our girls. That means no barns, no stress and grazing year-round on curated pasture specifically grown for their nutritional requirements. In addition our family farms are currently undertaking organic certification, and we do not use any herbicides, pesticides or conventional fertilizers. The low stress lifestyle and healthy grass-based diet contribute to improved herd health and longevity in our herds, as well as regenerative improvements to the pastures from which they graze.