Hoover Family Farms
Contact: Bradley Hoover
Address: 15715 40th St. Live Oak, FL, 32060
Email Address:
Phone: 386-842-2000
About Us
Hoover Family Farms is proud to be offering the most diverse, fresh, organic produce available in Northern Florida.

We are a small family owned organic farm in Live Oak, Florida. We have been certified organic with QCS in Gainesville since 2006. The growing season in North Florida allows us to grow over 70 different seasonal crops throughout the year.

Some of our main crops that we grow through the cooler seasons are lettuces, broccoli, snow peas, radishes, and many others.

Spring and summer give way to summer squashes, watermelon, vine ripened cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers, and many more. We love the idea of supporting our local community by supplying these delicious vegetables and fruits through various local outlets including our new and up and coming CSA.

We pride ourselves on our quality of produce and services and we welcome you to the Hoover Family Farms family! Come see more about who and what we are at or check us out on Facebook for regular updates.
All produce grown at Hoover Family Farms is USDA Certified Organic through Quality Certification Services and complies with standards set by the federal government. Using organic practices is a safer and healthier way to eat delicious vegetables and fruits. We are a lot kinder to our environment by not using any synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. We also use alternative methods such as crop rotation, leaving sections of land fallow for a period of time, cover crop, composting, catch crops, and using beneficial insect crop attractants. Join us for a healthier you and a healthier environment.