Salter Tree and Herb Farm
Contact: Joanna Booth
Address: 1252 NE Cattail DrFL 1301 NE Cattail Drive Madison FL Tallahassee, FL, 32303
Email Address:
Phone: 850-574-7022
About Us
The Salter Tree and Herb Farm is a mother and daughter duo. We have teamed up together to build a subsistence farm in Madison county. We are experimenting with what we can manage easily in the North Florida environment. We offer fresh produce and a wide variety of plants. Herbs, Wildflowers, soon to come trees and shrubs. With so much in production many herbs will also be available dried. Our goal is to offer the public safe and reliable food at a reasonable cost. Fresh and dried product that the consumers know is free of residual chemicals.
Our farm practices are changing as we grow to find what fits best in our area. The practices that will not change: Never use commercial pesticides or herbicides!
We raise chickens and hogs and use the manure to enrich our gardens, the eggs and bacon are just a bonus for us. Soon we will be adding goats to help clear more land. Most of our weeds are really wildflowers so hand pulling in our gardens is a must!
We encourage the natural landscape and plant life to be part of the farm. Native plants that we offer are dug and managed right here on our land. After years of being a wholesale native plant nursery we have many varieties on hand.
We try to offer only heirloom varieties in our vegetable plants. Absolutely no GMO plants are raised or sold on our farm.
Herbs and potted plants grown with our own soil mix. Ground pine bark is a local and renewable resource we use it for our soil base. Perlite (crushed lava) is added to aerate soil. Sand dug on property, is added to make a loamy mix.