Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese
City: Thomasville, GA,
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About Us
At Sweet Grass Dairy, we are dedicated to producing high quality, flavorful cow’s milk cheeses that are a true expression of our unique terroir in south Georgia. Our family is dedicated to farming sustainably in a New Zealand rotational grazing method and upholding the highest level of humane animal husbandry. Our goal is to make cheeses in an old world style to let the true flavors of the grass based milk shine through to the final product.
Our cows are barn free and graze green grass 365 days a year. They are rotationally grazed, meaning they move pastures every 12 hours, allowing the vegetation in previously grazed pastures to regenerate. Here at Sweet Grass Dairy we’re passionate about sustainable agriculture and feeding people, and when we recognize that our passions are at risk, it motivates us to be a part of a solution. We are most known for our handcrafted cheeses, but we are also really passionate about making great compost with our whey, growing organic produce for the Cheese Shop, raising pastured poultry for cage free, grass fed eggs, and fostering 20 healthy beehives.