Soilbelle Farm
Address: 2107 Davenport Rd Marianna, FL, 32448
Email Address:
Phone: 727-873-9644
About Us
Small permaculture based homestead. Building soil naturally using beyond organic practices like chop and drop, no-till, on-site farm animal manure, compost tea from vegetation off the land. Growing healthy soil is the main focus then healthy food. It is taking awhile to get where we want to be due to no off land inputs but after many years the soil is starting to look healthy. We hope you enjoy the little but mighty offerings we have at our farm. We will continue to take care of the soil and grow the best we can! Thank you love and light
All seeds that are bought are from certified organic companies. Along with that we do not use any outside inputs such as fertilizer or pesticides. Not even organic. Slowly healing the soil but it is healing!