Pineywoods Cattle of Florida
Contact: Pineywoods Cattle of Florida, LLC
Address: Monticello, FL, 32344
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Phone: 850-508-0759
About Us
Located on 40 acres of mixed woodland and pastures, Pineywoods Cattle of Florida is a family-owned and operated farm committed to raising and producing our region’s finest and purest grass-fed beef.
Our heritage cattle are direct descendants of the famous bull Big Cracker, whose DNA has been directly linked to the animals bred by sixteenth-century Andalusian explorers upon their arrival in Florida. Through careful stewardship of the line and a commitment to the highest standards of care, breeding, and farming, we are proud to produce heritage breed cattle that have evolved to develop natural immunities that make them resistant to most diseases. This means our cattle stay healthy and pure without the need for antibiotics, hormones, or other additives. The ground beef produced by Pineywoods Cattle of Florida features a distinctive flavor and an incredibly lean profile. This is how beef was meant to taste!
Land Stewardship

The beauty of heritage breeds lies in the natural adaptations these animals have developed over time. Through centuries of protected breeding, Pineywoods cattle evolved naturally in the brushy wooded terrain of the southeastern Gulf Coast. Just as they did hundreds of years ago, today’s Pineywoods cattle forage on rough vegetation that commercial cattle will not touch. And because they naturally limit their time at watering holes to avoid predators, these cattle do not contribute to bank erosion or stream fouling like most domestic stock. We utilize regenerative ranching practices, such as rotational grazing and no-till planting of winter forage to ensure the continued health of our cattle and our soils.

Your purchase of Pineywoods beef helps to ensure the robust survival of this rare and historic species of cattle!