Bonum Farms
Contact: William & Lilly Frank
Address: 14173 Highway 188 Coolidge, GA, 31738
Email Address:
Phone: 229-221-4840
About Us
Aloha! My wife Lilly and I have just started our farm in Coolidge, GA and are very excited to start producing some goods! I am originally from Oahu, HI where as my wife is from Panhandle, FL. Before we had even met, she and I had a long understanding of what we wanted for our lives and as it turned out, building a sustainable farm and just personally living much more sustainably was right at the center of our goals and luckily we had the opportunity to start this when we did.

Our farm is right off Highway 188 and it rests on a 25.5 acre property and right now we are starting small and working with what we can manage and will be building from there. As far as field crops go we have about 1/4 acre in production, mostly produce & flowers and soon will be expanding into a full acre and so on. We also utilize our green house and we are expanding our micro green production to an indoor setting.

Mahalo for supporting small farms and we will see you soon!
Our farm is a no till, naturally-grown organic produce and flower farm. We're not certified organic or naturally grown, but we wait to be in a few years or so. Every day we build upon the principles of regenerative living and use those principles in conjunction with market farming tools and techniques to enable a sustainable system of living off our land (primarily) and more importantly improving soil systems. For example, we came in later in the season and so one way wanted to help improve our soils biodiversity is spending much of the Spring and Summer grazing our goats on sectioned portions of the property and in turn they provide us healthy carbon sequestering soil and root systems, nutritious milk for ice cream, cheese, soap you name it! Other ways we aim to keep our soil healthy and thriving is by sticking to only OMRI rated products as best as we can and by implementing a diverse and seasonal crop plan.
Our mission at Bonum Farms is to provide beautiful nutrients to a localized demographic; to help build up communities through regenerative agriculture as well as, our desire to educate those we can about the current issues facing our food systems today and to encourage people to help us reduce the carbon foot print left by our current food industry standards.