Handsome Harvest Farm
Contact: Derek Phillips and Aaron Nicely
Address: 130 Eddie Blake Rd Quincy, FL, 32351
Email Address:
Phone: 239-896-6556
About Us
We are Derek Phillips and Aaron Nicely, married first generation farmers. Our farm in Quincy, about 20 minutes West of Tallahassee, is situated on 11 acres in a quiet neighborhood of mostly residential properties and some small farms. On our property we maintain a small pond, woods and wild areas that provides habitat for native wildlife. We grow about 3 acres of seasonal vegetables and have about 2 acres of fruit trees and gardens on the property. Our ducks and geese have about an acre of open pasture that we move around throughout the year.

We grow a huge range of vegetables including several specialty vegetable varieties that are not sold in the grocery store. We also grow blueberries, satsumas, elderberry, and recently planted persimmons, pears, figs, loquats, and more fruit trees. We raise ducks that produce the best high-protein eggs. We grow cut flowers in the Spring + Fall and we offer beautiful local Mother’s Day flower arrangements every year.

Derek is a board member of the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance, a non-profit organization that runs the RHO Market and maintains an educational program for farmers as well as hosting events promoting local producers.

We are a gay-owned business that prioritizes LGBTQ inclusion in our hiring practices. We donate produce to several local charities to help feed those in need.
Our mission is to cultivate delicious seasonal produce that is good for the body and for the environment. We fulfill this mission by incorporating holistic growing practices that nurture the local ecosystem and community, that in turn, benefits the farm. Everything we bring to market is grown on our property, using natural growing methods without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. We continually strive to create efficient systems for producing food and caring for the land.