Sugar Sand Family Farm, LLC
Contact: Kevin and Jessica Folk
City: Lee, FL, 32059
Email Address:
Phone: 215-771-2334
About Us
Sugar Sand Family Farm is a first generation farm founded by Kevin and Jessica Folk. We practice holistic management taking a whole farm approach to everything we do from the soil health to the finished product. Animal welfare is our top priority and we strive to give all the animals we raise a stress free life from the beginning to the last moments. That includes being raised on pasture, being able to scratch, root, and graze the way that nature intended. We keep our chickens safe from predators in mobile chicken tractors that are moved daily, the turkeys and pigs in portable electric fencing, and the cows in fenced pastures that are rotated giving them protection from predators adding to that stress free life. Our poultry never leaves the farm as we process on farm allowing us to reduce the stress of travel before processing. All of our pastures are certified organic and our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics. Our main goal for the farm is to improve soil health, provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for all its inhabitants, and to bring community together through healthy wholesome food.
Pasture raised. Non GMO feed. Organic pasture. Holistic Management.