Zinnia Collective
Address: 4462 Luminous Lane Tallahassee, FL, 32311
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Phone: 850-212-0273
About Us
We are two flowers farmers who are gearing up for our second year farming together. We grow on two farms; Caroline grows a little of everything, but mostly herbs and annual flowers on her 1 acre urban farm in Indianhead acres. Amy starts seeds for transplants, grows annuals, perennials and woodies, and forages on Happy Flowers Farm, nearly 4 acres nestled among the hickories and magnolias in SE Leon County. We grow to spread our love of nature and flowers and the joy that they bring!
We strive to support the local ecology with our farming practices. To that end we use IPM, and organic methods, and leave some flowers for the pollinators. We use only organic fertilizers, such as fish emulsion; build the soil using woodchips, homemade compost and local horse manure. We start nearly all of our flowers from seed and utilize drip irrigation whenever possible. We harvest our flowers during the cool of the day, and condition them overnight so that when they reach you they are fresh and hydrated and will last for at least 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the type of flower. Because they are fresh, our flowers last longer than flowers that have had to withstand shipping from other countries and treatment with preservatives.