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Native Naturals Farm
Contact: Susan Anderson & Roy Stanley
Address: 7500 S. Jefferson Lamont, FL, 32336
Phone: 850-997-1001
About Us
Native Naturals has been an indigenous family-owned farm for more than 200 years. In addition to offering many local vegetable mainstays and bioregionally appropriate herbal products, we are actively revitalizing traditional crops and stewarding biodiversity. Our goal is to help all people cultivate a more reciprocal relationship to the earth by understanding the teachings of the past, building community in the present, and leaving a legacy of hope for the future.
All profits from the farm will go to support the continuation of indigenous cultural and spiritual traditions on this land.
We at Native Naturals Farm are working to bring you the cleanest, healthiest food and herbal products possible. No aspect of this farming operation is industrialized! We grow in lush mineral- and microbe-rich soils without any synthetic chemical pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, and we handle all products with love and extreme care.