Love's Labor Farm
Contact: The Geiger Family
Address: 16933 NE Birdie Lane Hosford, FL, 32334
Email Address:
Phone: 850-379-8488
About Us
Love's Labor Farm is a 40 acre multi-generational farm located at the eastern edge of Liberty County, FL. We believe in local farms providing quality food to local markets. We produce pastured poultry and pork for ourselves and for others who want to consume meat as a part of their diet, but who are concerned about the ethical implications of large scale meat production and about the health implications of consuming meat raised on diets that include growth hormones and antibiotics. Our customers are people who think about their food, where it comes from, how it is raised and produced, and the effect that its consumption will have on their overall health. They want to know their farmer and feel free to visit the farm in order to make a connection with how their food is produced.
We pride ourselves on using practical, cost-effective systems where each piece of the operation contributes to the overall health and well-being of our family, animals, and the land. Our animals are raised in a pasture based system that allows each animal to express their unique characteristics while maximizing their contribution to the farm.