Blue Fish Greenhouse
Address: 120 Wheeler Road Cairo, GA, 39827
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Phone: 404-886-6395
About Us
This is a small farm where we love to try different ways of growing things using organic fertilizers and managing pests organically. I grow via Aquaponics, raised beds, and growing vertically in containers.
Aquaponics is a circular system where you feed the fish, the fish poop feeds the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. This is a simple explanation but like most things it can get very complicated. In this system you cannot put anything in the water that will hurt the fish, which excludes pesticides. I feed my fish the very best food I can purchase and supplement with living green water plants and trace minerals.

I also use a vertical raised bed system with organic fertilizers and trace minerals to produce veggies.

The third method of growing is using raised beds that I top off with organic fertilizer, trace minerals, and chicken manure from my laying hens, which are fed non-GMO feed.

I hope you enjoy the fresh veggies. I wish you good food, smiling faces, and peace.