Great Southern Forestry LLC
Contact: Leland H Taylor
Address: 3320 Old Lloyd Rd Monticello, FL, 32344
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Phone: 850-544-3095
About Us
Great Southern Forestry operates a forest-fed pork operation on a small farm land lease in Jefferson County, FL.
Great Southern Forestry LLC is a Jefferson County business founded by Leland H Taylor in January of 2015. Leland was raised north of Tallahassee in the Miccosukee area and is a graduate of Lincoln High. His fascination with forestry began at a young age when he would help his father mill logs on a custom sawmill located on their property. Since that time he has attended the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida where he earned multiple degrees including an M.S. in Forest Resource Management.
The focus of this company is quite simple. We are here to provide services that benefit regional forest conservation efforts and to use innovative forestry practices in support food production. When approaching forest conservation we seek environmentally sensible alternatives that provide multiple benefits to the land and its owner. Our land ethic is a simple practice where we seek a balance between doing right by the land and meetings it’s needs while meeting a landowner’s objectives. There is an ambitious vision behind this business in which Taylor believes that Great Southern Forestry will positively impacts the lives of millions of people, animals, and acres.
So how does Great Southern Forestry use forestry to support food production? The majority of what we do falls into the category of agroforestry and forest farming. Common agroforestry practices include silvopasture, alley cropping, riparian buffers, wind breaks, and food forests.

Our latest project has found us to managing 44 forest-fed pigs in northeastern Jefferson County. Utilizing pigs for forest management benefits you by being a locally grown beyond-organic meat source and benefits the forest by providing organic fertilizer while reducing understory competition. What makes us and our products beyond-organic are the fact that our management protocols for hog management exceed those for organic pork production when animal welfare is concerned. The folks at Great Southern Forestry like to eat clean food too, therefore the use of synthetic growth hormones, vaccines, chemical wormers, or genetically modified feed is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Our pigs are raised on forest forage while also being given NON-GMO supplemental feed.
Great Southern Forestry is here to serve the you and the land!