Florida Cracker Farm
Contact: John Raney
Address: 219 Britt Street Tallahassee, Fl, 32301
Email Address:
Phone: 941-524-4974
About Us
Florida Cracker Farms has two locations - North Meridian and also in town near Apalachee Parkway. Seedlings are grown in town in 2 small greenhouses. Denver's entire backyard is devoted to gardening using organic methods she has developed and learned "along the way." She has practiced organic gardening for 30 years and believes healthy people should eat food that is pesticide & chemical free. Our plants are grown in soil that has been replenished with organic compost, worm castings, fish and seaweed fertilizer. We use only organically approved fertilizers & methods to discourage pests. The Apiary is located in Denver's backyard. Her father and grandfather were Cracker Cowboys on a ranch in Ft. MacCoy, Florida.
Florida Cracker Farms follows organic & naturally grown methods.