The Rural Garden
Contact: Matt Holloway
Address: 625 McNair Rd Havana, FL,
Email Address:
Phone: 850-557-0948
About Us
The Rural Garden is a small biodiverse farm just north of Havana, FL. It began as a project to grow healthy diverse food for my friends and family. As I grew more and experimented with different crops, I decided to sell any excess to the public. All money goes back into experimenting with new and exciting vegetables.

We grow vegetables exceeding organic best practices, only using the best, most natural amendments we can find. By reducing off-farm inputs as much as possible and relying on sound crop rotations and cover crops to reduce pest and disease pressure we grow the best possible vegetables we can.
Working toward a self-sustainable and then regenerative farm. Bad "ugly" vegetables end up in compost to feed the next generation.

Managing pests and disease through the implementation of hedges and beneficial plants to attract beneficial insects, birds, and soil organisms.