Owen River Farm
Contact: Blake Canter
Address: 1155 Frank Smith Rd Quincy, FL, 32352
Email Address:
Phone: 850-559-9180
About Us
Owen River Farm LLC is owned and operated by Blake Canter. It is located on the corner of Crump and Miccosukee Rd. east of Tallahassee. The land is leased from a friend and there is approximately one third of an acre of growing space. Owen River Farm serves as a stepping stone towards Blake's future farm. In the meantime, it is the perfect place to practice growing methods and provide superb, healthy vegetables to the local community.
I use ecological soil building techniques and no pesticides or manufactured fertilizers. Cover cropping, crop rotations, companion planting, composting, mulching and applications of my own aerobic compost tea keep the plants healthy and happy.