Maclay Farm LLC
Contact: Ken Evert
Address: 545 Maclay Lane Tallahassee, FL, 32312
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Phone: 850-567-4951
About Us
Remember how a tomato used to taste? The smell of fresh lettuce? Our lettuce has been described as ‘juicy’ yet crisp. We can give you produce so fresh that all the nutrients are still available for you -while tasting great!

Maclay Farm began with our search to provide the freshest, nutrient laden foods to our daughter who had suffered a major brain injury. We are vying to provide the best basis of health and recovery by consuming the best nutrients and vitamins our bodies and minds need through good eating habits

God provides all the start-up nutrients a seed needs to germinate, but the soil must provide the rest. Often our food is depleted of the nutrients and vitamins we need due to over farming land, distant providers shipping time and practices or poor handling. This is why the local farm to table movement is gaining momentum in so many communities, and why we have chosen hydroponic greenhouse production for our delicious produce.

Hydroponic greenhouse production means greatly reduced bug and disease exposure, so we use no chemicals or insecticides. By utilizing organic macro and micro nutrients, Maclay Farm provides good looking, wholesome, and great produce to enjoy.
State of the art Hydroponic Greenhouse production with organic macro and micro nutrients and without poisonous chemicals.