Smarter By Nature, LLC
City: Quincy, FL,
Email Address:
Phone: 850-296-7755
About Us
Smarter by Nature LLC facilitates sustainable relationships between people and the natural environment by providing fresh food to the urban community. Smarter By Nature was founded by small scale growers Angelique and David in 2017 and they strive to provide fresh quality seasonal vegetables and microgreens. The farm is located in Quincy,FL and the land design contains annual and perennial crops, providing a variety of seasonal produce available to the community.
Our goal is to provide access to fresh produce while improving the quality and health of our community. We practice building our soils fertility to increase the nutrient content in the vegetables without the addition of harmful and unnatural chemicals. Using a no-till, permanent raised, poly-culture system, we grow a diversity of plants to attract beneficial insects. To provide nutrients to our plants, we use compost tea, natural fertilizers and sources of minerals. We will maintain the integrity of the natural process and share the abundance of good quality produce with our family, community and contributors alike.

Thank you for supporting local farmers and being Smarter by Nature!