Georgia Satsuma & Chestnut Co.
Contact: Jerry and Frank Adams
Address: 424 Batten Rd Bainbridge, GA, 39819
Email Address:
Phone: 850-491-8877
About Us

In 1996, Jerry Adams and his son Frank planted a grove of chestnut trees in the fertile sandy loam soil of Southwest Georgia, near Bainbridge. The chestnut trees grow well in hot and humid summers and produce a bountiful crop of sweet delicious Chinese chestnuts.

In 2011, Jerry planted a citrus grove (satsumas, Hamlin and Red Navel oranges, Meyers lemon, grapefruits). The citrus grove is distanced from the chestnuts by 200 feet of forested wetland.

The groves are surrounded by a buffer of mixed hardwoods and a creek.

The chestnuts are USDA organic (certified by QCS); we do not use fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives. Chestnuts are harvested by hand, sorted by size with a grader, and hand inspected to ensure best quality. They are stored at 36 degrees F and 90% humidity. Among the chestnut trees, wild blackberries grow and are harvested in the summer, then mowed down and left in place.

Citrus grove: no herbicide or pesticides are used; commercial fertilizer is occasionally applied. Citrus scions are grafted onto freeze hardy rootstock.

Both groves are watered by fresh groundwater that is pumped from 500 feet below.