Indigo Greens
Contact: Natalie Steers-Matousek
Address: 3425 Bannerman Rd, Unit#105-222 Tallahassee, FL, 32312
Phone: 305-546-2938
About Us
Indigo Greens is based out of N.E. Tallahassee. We are passionate about growing leafy greens and herbs for our community. We produce some of the highest quality products while keeping the environment and sustainability at the forefront of our production process. We have been growing good, clean greens for several years now. We joined the Red Hills Online Market back in January of 2021. We are passionate about the way we grow our leafy greens and herbs while also positively impacting our beloved community.
Indigo Greens’ mission is to provide the surrounding community with the highest quality, nutritious, nutrient-dense produce grown with lots of love and heart. Through the utilization of hydroponic technology, we pride ourselves on increasing pesticide-free, good, clean greens. We are sustainably producing with minimal impact on our local community and environment.